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Why We Use Invisalign ‘Braces’ To Straighten Teeth Here In Woking

Invisalign Straight Teeth

This comfortable and convenient orthodontic system may be just what you have been waiting for!

Are you unhappy with your crooked teeth? Perhaps you might have felt this way for some time but opted to do nothing about it because you didn’t want to have to wear metal braces? This is understandable and you are far from alone in this.

Whilst traditional wire and bracket style braces do straighten teeth effectively, some people find them a little uncomfortable and also, usually, very visible.

For many people, this visibility has been a barrier to having attractive teeth. It may have also put some off having other cosmetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening.

At the end of the day, why would you want to highlight teeth that you consider to be unattractive because they are crooked and uneven?

If any of the above resonates with you, we have some good news. At the AJ Dental Group of Woking, we are now pleased to offer our patients a discreet and comfortable orthodontic system in the form of Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign orthodontic system is very different from the type of dental braces that you already know. Using this system eradicates the need for the wires or brackets that are used in many other types of dental brace.

Instead of the wires and brackets, a series of trays are produced to fit over your teeth. Each of these trays is worn for a short period of time and will work to reposition your teeth a little, using gentle pressure. Once a tray has completed its role, it is then removed and replaced with the next tray in the series, which continues the process. This continues until your teeth are in the correct position.

Can I just buy them ‘off the shelf’?

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Are Dental Implants The Best Way To Replace A Missing Tooth?

Single dental implant

Woking dentist, Dr Andrew Gough, explains more about this excellent tooth replacement option

Nobody wants to lose a tooth, but for many of us, this will eventually happen. It is not always through neglecting our teeth either. Even the healthiest and strongest of teeth can be lost during an accident such as a fall or a collison, perhaps when taking part in a sporting event.

However a tooth is lost though, our first consideration will be whether to replace it or not. Few people will chose not to replace a missing front tooth, but may consider leaving a gap where the tooth is not visible. To do so is a mistake as if you don’t replace a missing tooth, a number of things can happen. Firstly, as there is now a vacant space in between your teeth, the adjacent teeth are likely to move towards this. This in turn creates spaces of its own, for yet more teeth to start to move. Over time, this can result in your teeth becoming crooked and uneven.

The other thing to consider is that, as the tooth is a hidden one, it is likely to be a tooth that is heavily used for chewing food. When the tooth is no longer there, you will almost certainly compensate for this by using a different tooth. This additional strain, especially if it is not a tooth designed for that role, could lead to premature wear or breakage.

Replacing your missing tooth

When you decide to replace the missing tooth, you are left with a choice of methods that we are pleased to offer at the AJ Dental Group in Woking. The most commonly used method is  dentures. Modern dentures do provide an acceptable aesthetic solution, but, as some wearers will attest, may sometimes move around in the mouth and can present challenges when eating certain foods. Although they are the cheapest option, their disadvantages mean that many will seek other options.

The next option you might consider is a bridge. This is where an artificial tooth is held in position, often by attaching crowns to the teeth on either side of the gap. This is a stronger and more stable solution than dentures, but is not without its own issues. Cleaning can be quite tricky, especially beneath the bridge. The biggest issue though is that, in order to attach the crowns, the teeth have to be prepared. Understandably, many patients are very reluctant to have this done to healthy teeth.

The third option, and one that is growing rapidly in popularity, are dental implants.

What are dental implants?

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An Introduction To The AJ Dental Group

Dentist Jaymish Patel

Our Woking team explains what our modern dental practice can offer you.

Hello, and welcome to the first of our regular blog posts. We hope that you will find these useful and informative and we are always happy to write a post regarding any questions that our patients have too. Just contact us with your question and we will try to address it in a future blog!

To start the ball rolling, we thought that we would write a short introduction, giving potential new patients from Woking an overview of the wide selection of services that we are pleased to offer.

General family dental care

The reality is that the vast majority of people go to their dentist in order to keep their teeth healthy and this is essential for all members of the family; from the youngest child to the oldest grandparent. Healthy teeth and gums make for a better quality of life and poor gum health in particular, is increasingly being linked to a number of potentially serious diseases, such as heart issues, strokes and Alzheimer’s. With all of this in mind, we strongly recommend that all of our patients have a six monthly check up with one of the dentists at the AJ Dental Group.

Hygienist services

With gum disease now accounting for the majority of tooth loss in the UK, we feel that our hygienist service helps patients on the road to have the best oral health possible. The dental hygienist plays an important role in educating patients how they can improve the way that they look after their teeth and gums, including demonstrating how to use dental floss correctly. They also provide a professional cleaning service, often better known as a scale and polish. This not only cleans the surface of the teeth but also removes hardened bacteria from the tooth surface and gum line.

Cosmetic dentistry

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